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美国之音VOA建国史话(The Making of a Nation)在线收听

  • [06.03]Calhoun: The South Asks for Justice, Simple Justice
  • [06.01]Thomas Jefferson Has Lasting Influence on the United States
  • [05.23]Jefferson Suspends Trade with Europe
  • [05.16]Jefferson Arranges Louisiana Purchase
  • [05.10]Jefferson Moves to Cut Debt, Spending
  • [05.04]Making of a Nation: Alexander Hamilton
  • [04.18]The American presidential election of 1860
  • [04.12]America's second president, John Adams
  • [03.18]American History: From Revolutionary War Hero to President
  • [03.07]American History: The Shot Heard Around the World
  • [02.28]American History: Eighteenth Century Conflicts in Europe Affect North America
  • [02.08]American History Series: The Heart and Soul of the Constitution
  • [02.01]American History: Debating the Part of Slaves Under a New Constitution
  • [01.26]American History: Debating the Part of Slaves Under a New Constitution
  • [01.17]American History: Debating the Part of Slaves Under a New Constitution
  • [01.10]American History: A Struggle to Balance Power Between Big and Small States
  • [12.27]American History: Early Leaders Debate the Issue of Presidential Powers
  • [12.27]American History: Meeting in Philadelphia to Write a Constitution
  • [12.20]American History: States Plan for Constitutional Convention
  • [12.14]A Body of Laws to Govern a New Nation
  • [12.07]American History: Peace Treaty Ends American Revolution
  • [11.29]American History: America's Break with Britain Divides Families and Friends
  • [11.23]American History: A Declaration Seeking Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • [11.16]American History: The Shot Heard Around the World
  • [10.25]AMERICAN HISTORY: Slavery in the American South
  • [10.18]American History: Southern Colonies Develop on Farming Economy
  • [10.12]American History: Colonizing Expands in the American Northeast
  • [10.05]American History: A New World Clash of Cultures
  • [09.20]American History: Westward Expansion Brings Explorers, Settlers in Contact with the Plains Indians
  • [09.20]American History: English Settlers Establish Colonies In the New World
  • [09.13]American History: Columbus Discovers the New World
  • [09.06]American History: A Fresh Start
  • [08.31]American History: Life After 9/11
  • [08.24]Bush Wins Over Gore in Contested 2000 Election
  • [08.16]American History: The Final Decade of the Century
  • [08.09]美国历史:1988年总统大选
  • [08.04]19世纪时美国人是如何过圣诞节的?
  • [08.04]布什的反恐战是如何燃向伊拉克的?
  • [08.04]吉米·卡特赢得1976年美国总统大选
  • [08.03]民权运动:一场二十世纪六十年代在美国为获得平等的斗争
  • [08.02]二战后的美国生活
  • [07.31]早期英国殖民者的艰苦生活
  • [07.31]America Turns Inward After World War One
  • [07.31]D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Greatest Military Invasion in History
  • [07.31]US Goes to War After Pearl Harbor, but Japan Is Not the First Target
  • [07.31]Fighting World War Two Through Diplomacy
  • [07.30]The Space Race Heightens Cold War Tensions
  • [07.30]The '60s Become a Time of Social Revolution and Unrest
  • [07.29]The American Civil War: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  • [07.29]1970s and '80s Were a Period of Change in American Society
  • [07.27]The Civil War Begins
  • [07.26]A Clash of Cultures in the New World
  • [07.26]Two-Party Political System Takes Hold in US
  • [07.25]How the Constitution Came to Life
  • [07.25]The Signing of the Constitution in Philadelphia
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